Meet Jamison J. Manion

A member of the Authors Guild, public speaker, and owner of Workforce Engagement Solutions, LLC, Jamison J. Manion mentors others to develop their leadership, management, and organizational design capabilities. Jamison is an experienced practitioner of applied behavioral economics who combines relentless drive for improvement with a real-world perspective with a proven track record leading organizational change and performance improvement in dozens of locations domestically and abroad within diverse industries of all sizes and missions including both light and heavy manufacturing, energy and utilities, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, military and government agencies, consumer products, and nonprofit agencies.

Manion’s unique background in operations, maintenance, and human resources is fused together into a holistic approach to leadership, management, and organizational optimization he communicates with a rare blend of expertise and humor published in the practitioner’s guide, “The Workforce Engagement Equation“. Universally applicable, TheWEQ explains complex technical concepts, human factors and motivation, and business solutions with contextual examples that transcend theory making them applicable in today’s complex and rapidly changing organizations.

Guided by his core values of honor, courage and commitment forged through service and sustained through mutual success through mutual respect and reciprocity, Manion educates, inspires, and motivates. Bottom line, Manion’s methods work!