The Workforce Engagement Equation: A Practitioner's Guide to Creating and Sustaining High Performance
A practitioner’s Guide contains easy to understand solutions to complex organizational issues.

The systematic approach teaches critical thinking and problem solving building your Organizational Intelligence (OQ)

TheWEQ cross-references your custom reports to the handbook.

The Manager’s Tool Kit contains project plans, tools, and templates.

What are people saying about TheWEQ?

The statistics really support the process

I have experienced more progress changing the culture in the two years since we started applying the principles of The Workforce Engagement Equation than I have seen in the past 25 years with the company. The statistics really support the process. Thanks for really helping to move the dial.

- Nick W.
Manager Work Equipment, CSX Transportation

TheWEQ methodology is an excellent framework for change management and process improvement.

The courses and workshops that utilize the Workforce Engagement Equation© provide a solid foundation of knowledge and comprehension for supervisors, managers, and other management professionals. As president of J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College I strongly attest that TheWEQ represents the best in quality education and training.

- Dr. Gary Rhodes
President, Reynolds Community College

The training was a great success

I just want to let you know the training was a great success. The team is working hard this week on the ‘takeaways’ from the class. Everyone has been talking about how it brought them together as a team and they are working in groups to accomplish all the tasks. I believe with the skills you taught us we will be successful once the line is installed and up and running.

- Mike R.
Production Manager, Orchid Paper

Easily relates with people from the C-Level down to the sales associate
North Carolina Business Travel Association 2011 Education Day.

Jamison spoke on Change Management to about 120 people from major corporations in NC and from travel suppliers around the state as well as some national members and it hit both sides of the audience, buyers and suppliers as a timely message since there is a lot of upheaval going on in the corporate travel world.

Jamison’s presentation style was lively, upbeat and easily held the attention of the audience. He relates with people easily, from the C Level down to the sales associate. He was able to incorporate examples from the travel world into his presentation and focused on how change can be achieved with less apprehension. It’s not easy to change is a message we all received…but if we don’t change, it means that we die. It’s how we manage it that counts.

Very good speaker and I highly recommend him.

– Chris N., Vice President, Client Development

Thanks for helping us see and realize what we already had in each one of us.
Just wanted to say thanks for helping us see and realize what we already had in each one of us. I’ve found myself using it in my home life also. I’m just hoping it’s a lasting impression.

- Kerry S. Production Line Operator